The PCT Network Trivia Challenge Answers

We hope you enjoyed taking The PCT Network Trivia Challenge. Here are the answers to the trivia.


A. Robot Arm

B. Pet Petter

C. High Five Machine: The “Apparatus for Simulating a ‘High Five’” was invented by Albert Cohen and filed on December 7, 1993.

D. Cast



A. Scream/Yell Muffler

B. Hiccup Cure: The “Device for the Treatment of Hiccups” was invented by Philip Charles Ehlinger, Jr. and filed on October 14, 2003.

C. No-Hands Drinking Cup

D. Medical Spit Measurer



A. Doll Purse

B. Portable Bath: The “Portable Bath Capsule” was invented by Frances Mignon Allen and filed on September 16, 1970.

C. Beach Changing Room

D. Toy Water Flask



A. Theft Deterrent

B. Children’s Toy

C.Candy Packaging

D. Disguised Diaper: The “Packaging Diaper with Deceptive Size Including Vacuum-Sealing” was invented by Alan Kay Snell and filed on March 4, 2003.


A. Novelty Gift

B. Stamp Wetting Device: The “Device for Moistening the Adhesive Coating on Postage Stamps and Envelopes” was invented by Donald B. Poynter and filed on July 17, 1980.

C. Robot Mechanics

D. Cat Cleaning Device



A. Smartphone Notification Tattoo: The “Haptic Communication” patent was invented by Nokia and filed on September 13, 2010.

B. Medical Tattoo

C. Electronic Entry Ticket

D. Identity Barcode



A. Pet Fitness Wearable

B. Pet Fashion Watch: The “Clock for Keeping Time at a Rate Other than Human Time” was invented by Rodney H. Metts and Barry D. Thomas and filed on July 9, 199

C. Pet Identity Tag

D. Dog Bark Translator



A. Bird Diaper: The “Bird Diaper” was invented by Lorraine Moore, Mark Moore, and Cely Giron and filed on October 15, 1997.

B. Bird Armor

C. Leash for Flying Pet Birds

D. Message Vest for Carrier Birds



A. Bird Observatory

B. Bird-Propelled Flying Craft: The “Bird Powered Flying Machine” was invented by Charles Richard Edouard Wulff and filed on May 24, 1886,

C. System for a Communication Pipeline

D. Radio Transmission Tower



A. Arcade Static Shock Game: The “Electrostatically Enhanced Game” was invented by Ray Allen and Cole Harrison and filed on July 26, 1983.

B. Lie Detector

C. Fortune Teller Machine

D. Photo Booth


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