The PCT Network at INTA 2019: Our Takeaway

Last week, thousands of intellectual property professionals from throughout the world gathered together in Boston for one of the year’s biggest IP conferences, the INTA Annual Meeting. The offices of The PCT Network kicked into high gear preparing for the big event, and when it came around we were not disappointed. Still inspired by the high-energy event, we have a few takeaways to share.

Nothing Beats Interfacing with Members

As the center of the world’s largest network of intellectual property professionals coordinating foreign filing, The PCT Network works with members from every corner of the world. A major conference like INTA 2019 gives us a chance to connect on a more personal level with our members. Whether it was at our custom-made booth, at the many receptions we were invited to, or our own INTA After-Party our account executives found great value in the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their members.

Hosting is Important

Meeting someone at a booth for a one-on-one chat is one thing, but being a good host is also important. We took great pleasure in being able to entertain booth visitors with our challenging IP Trivia Contest – the top score was 6 out of 10! Do you think you can beat it? – and we had a blast hosting our VIP guests at our INTA After Party. We provided our guests with a fun evening filled with shmoozing, food, and entertainers and it was a huge success with a packed house the entire evening.

A Sense of Discovery and Amazement

While we were so busy at our own booth, we still had the opportunity to get out there and see what the world of intellectual property has to offer, and we were amazed by some of what we saw. IP professionals are not only protecting the innovations of others but are also innovative themselves. New technology and ideas are being developed across the world to assist attorneys in providing high-quality services to their clients.

Our own portal demonstrations were joined by many other organizations and booths offering demonstrations of new technology being leveraged in the field of IP. We’re excited to see what will come from them.

We were also amazed by the creativity of some of the other organizations when it came to designing their booths. While we are a bit biased towards our own, there were quite a few booths that stood out for their originality.

Boston is Filled with History

We could not go to an event held in Boston without taking the time to go site seeing. Among the many sites we were able to visit were the Boston Harbor, Faneuil Hall, the Paul Revere House, and the Old State House. Being in Boston allowed us to connect with American history, especially American Revolutionary history.

We’re excited to participate at INTA next year in Singapore where we will be able to tour a new city and discover its unique flavor.

We Have a Fantastic Team

The PCT Network had the best INTA experience because we had a fantastic team. The account executives who attended INTA created an atmosphere of excitement. They know that The PCT Network is forging the future of foreign filing in the field of intellectual property and they were excited to be able to share this with the top-notch IP attorneys that were at INTA with them.

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