IP Roundup for the Week of May 23, 2019

While you were busy at INTA you may have missed out on some great stories from this week. Don't worry, our Weekly IP Industry Roundup is always here ready to get you caught up to speed. “Brexit” Deemed an Offensive Term by EU A British brewery has attempted to register their new line of beer [...]

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Get More from Your IP Conference Experience

Intellectual property conferences are exciting opportunities for deepening engagement with the field through fascinating sessions and great networking opportunities. For many, these IP conferences also come with the excitement of social events, (free) food, and travel. At the same time, mazelike event halls, encyclopedia-sized program books, and massive crowds can be overwhelming, especially for first-time [...]

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15 Tips for IP Attorneys to Manage Stress

Deadlines loom, trademarks need enforcement and a client is being accused of patent infringement. Stress is building up. You need that stress, it pushes you to survive and accomplish your goals. On the other hand, when you are drowning in stress it leaves you tired, anxious and possibly depressed. Your work suffers, which then leads [...]

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Cooperation and Community Among Patent Professionals

With World IP Day approaching, the international community of intellectual property professionals should be proud of the great work it has done. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 2017 saw a whopping 3.2 million patents and 12.9 million trademarks filed, and we suspect that when the data comes in for 2018 the numbers [...]

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Filing in Tanzania? Better Have a Boat!

With the ease of access the Internet provides us, one might imagine that filing a patent should be easy no matter where you are. Sure, we all need help translating documents and understanding the different forms, but one would imagine that with someone helping us click all the right buttons a patent can be filed [...]

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