Worldwide Resources

When The PCT Network launched in 2015, we envisioned creating a network that would bring together the best firms in the world. Our vision was to improve the way these firms handled their foreign filings, as well as create new ways for them to drive their businesses. Since 2016, the network has grown by more than 450%, to include over 650 member firms representing over 150 countries

At the PCT Network, we work with a wide range of firms.


With 1-10 patent attorneys on staff, boutique firms offer their unique expertise to their fellow members while benefiting from opportunities to grow their business through the PCT Network.


Mid-sized firms with approximately 10-50 attorneys work hard to protect their clients’ intellectual property. As members of the PCT Network, mid-sized firms are well positioned to further establish their brands and expand their global reach for the benefit of their clients.


Large, international firms are valued for their expertise and important contributions to the network. With the PCT Network, these global firms, of 50 or more attorneys, are part of the industry’s upward trajectory, taking their already prestigious brands and setting it far above the rest through the world’s largest IP network. 

All member firms that join the network are approved and certified by The PCT Network
to ensure quality, professionalism, and efficiency.  Being in the Network offers IP firms access to a global network
that can assist in filing anywhere in the world.