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Welcome to the world’s largest network of patent and trademark professionals for foreign filing.

The PCT Network can connect you to the best foreign associates around the globe to process your cases – anywhere you may need.  Since 2015, we have become the fastest growing and largest network for foreign filers in the world. Last year we successfully filed more than 6,000 cases among 150+ regions, and we are on the way to file more than 10,000 cases this year – and growing!

Do you have cases coming up that you need to file?  Let’s talk. The PCT Network will get your cases processed quickly and efficiently – and in return, GUARANTEE reciprocal work.

Contact us now to learn more about joining the world’s leading IP Network.


Work with The PCT Network to streamline your process and work more efficiently when filing for:

  • Direct / Paris Convention Filing
  • PCT National Phase Entries
  • EP Validations
  • Design Applications
  • Utility Models
  • Trademark Filings
  • Assignments
  • Translations
  • Annuity payments


The PCT Network is a global network of more than 600 member firms representing over 150 operating regions.  The PCT Network streamlines the IP filing process to increase quality and efficiency. Acting as a central point of contact, we connect hundreds of associates in order to provide the best IP filing services around the globe.  

The PCT Network approves and certifies its member attorneys to ensure quality, professionalism, and efficiency.