IP Roundup for the Week of May 23, 2019

While you were busy at INTA you may have missed out on some great stories from this week. Don’t worry, our Weekly IP Industry Roundup is always here ready to get you caught up to speed.

“Brexit” Deemed an Offensive Term by EU

A British brewery has attempted to register their new line of beer as ‘Brexit Beer,’ but has had the registration rejected twice by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The first rejection came after officials deemed the term ‘Brexit’ as offensive.

Seeing this as a bit of a silly reason, the brewer appealed the decision of the EUIPO and found their trademark rejected a second time. The second reason? Brexit was considered to be too general of a term and the trademark would lack any distinction.

What do you think? Is Brexit Beer unworthy of receiving a trademark?

Who Has a Claim on Bitcoin?

The question of who invented Bitcoin is a mystery that many would like to have an answer for. The only name associated with the development of the digital currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, is known to be a pseudonym, but for who? Many believe that the Satoshi is Craig Wright, a programmer living in the United Kingdom.

Solidifying the conspiracy that Wright is, in fact, Satoshi, Wright recently registered the copyright for Bitcoin. While some take this to be enough evidence that he is the inventor, others are pointing to this as evidence that the US copyright system has flaws.

The copyright office has since made a statement clarifying that they do not examine the truthfulness of claims and that just because a copyright was registered does not mean that the registrant was the true inventor.

Pepe the Frog vs. Alex Jones

Leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been getting kicked down quite a bit lately. First Facebook and Youtube banned the controversial figure, and now he may be in trouble for his usage of the meme Pepe the Frog. Pepe, a comic character turned meme, has been misappropriated by members of the alt-right, and in some ways has become the mascot of the controversial movement.

The creator of Pepe the Frog, Matt Furie, has been dismayed by the use of his comic character but has also been at a loss as to how to prevent it.

That was, until Alex Jones tried making a profit off his work. Jones’ website Infowars produced a poster of the frog and attempted to sell it. Furie filed a lawsuit against Jones and his Infowars back in 2018, and the case is now going to court.

Disney Patents a Paintcopter

Disney has designed an interesting use for drones with their new patent for a paintcopter. Designed as a solution for painting hard to reach sections of rides in their amusement parks, the paintcopter is a drone that is able to use spray paints. With high maneuverability and the ability to fly, such a device could go much further than amusement parks, and could possibly be used in painting large buildings.

Neymar Gets His Name Back

Just as the footballer Neymar was reaching the top, a savvy businessman decided to register a trademark for clothing, footwear, and headgear under the trademark of… Neymar!

Neymar first decided to dispute this registration in 2016, declaring that it was registered in bad faith. During the case, the businessman tried to argue that the conflict was solely a coincidence, but the courts would have none of it and sided with the athlete earlier this month.


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