IP Roundup for the Week of June 6, 2019

Below are a few of our favorite intellectual property stories from this past week.

New AI Can Detect Gratitude

The Futurus Group in California has announced that they are seeking a patent for their proprietary gratitude prediction machine learning model, Gratitude to Give (G2G.) G2G uses a unique algorithm to detect gratitude within the healthcare industry.

As a consulting firm, the Futurus Group has developed its gratitude detection algorithm to assist healthcare providers in seeking new donors. According to early research comparing a list of 500 high-wealth patients vs. high-gratitude patients, the high-gratitude patients were more likely to become donors.

The potential impact for such AI among marketing and sales professionals could be very large. Further developed gratitude AI could play a major role in assisting businesses and nonprofits in determining more precisely on where they should their resources in seeking customers or donors.


Coffee Companies Battle It Out Over CBD

A Portland-based coffee company, Coffee By Design, apparently does not want its products to be affiliated with CBD,  a compound extracted from cannabis. Coffee By Design is suing a Utah-based coffee roaster over its CBD-infused coffee for trademark infringement and causing brand confusion by associating Coffee By Design with cannabis-based products.

The case is interesting in that examines an issue when an established business has a trademark that becomes mainstreamed through different means. In this case, Coffee By Design is seeing its CBD trademark weakened by the rise of CBD as a popular acronym for cannabinoid products.

Coffee By Design is not only going after CBD Coffee of Utah, who they claim have also stolen elements of their trademark design, but is also going to other CBD-based coffee roasters and requesting that, at the very least, they call their products “CBD infused coffee” rather than “CBD coffee.”

What do you think, will Coffee By Design be able to defend its trademark?


Mario and Friends Defended in Japanese High Court

The iconic characters of Nintendo’s Mario Kart series were up and center in a trademark case that went to Japan’s IP high court. Nintendo sued a go-cart rental company known for its vehicles and costumes branded as Mario Kart characters.

Mari Mobility lost a lower court ruling last year and was forced to pay 10 million yen. Mari Mobility appealed the 10million yen sentence, but it seems like they not only lost the appeal but might be expected to pay more.


Helmet Companies Go Head to Head

Sports equipment manufacturer Riddell won a lawsuit in Illinois against their competitors Schutt Sports (Kranos Corporation) for infringing patents used in football helmets. The jury found that Schutt Sports willfully infringed Riddell’s technology by using a raised central band and vented openings in their Vengeance football helmet line. Riddell was awarded $5 million.


Electric Cars Across the News

Dyson made news with the publication of three new electric car-related patents. The designs are unconventional, pointing to a vehicle with some interesting proportions, but experts seem to think that nothing points to a complete revolution in the electric vehicle industry.

Evidence shows that Apple is looking to innovate with their electric car through the possibility of a battery that fills the floor of the car. Audi is also not staying behind the new trend, having released patents on their Etron vehicle.

Meanwhile, the electric vehicle world isn’t sticking to just cars, as images from Yamaha’s new electric motorcycle have been revealed.


Bits and Pieces

  • Rock band Guns and Roses apparently didn’t trademark their name well enough as they are struggling to prevent a beermaker from using it on their products. They are claiming their fame should be enough to provide trademark protection.
  • Tom Brady’s attempt to trademark the nickname “Tom Terrific” has received a nasty backlash from NY Mets fans who claim the name belongs to one of their heroes. Tom’s attempt to trademark the nickname may be undermined anyway, as the superstar has admitted he only wanted to use it to prevent others from calling him by it.
  • Patents have been revealed by Xiaomi showing that they are developing a camera that would sit behind the display screen.
  • Sony is apparently working on technology that would allow players of their upcoming PlayStation 5 console to play older games with updated graphics.


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