IP Roundup for the Week of June 25, 2019

Attempting to tackle rising drug costs, the US Congress is considering passing the “Terminating the Extension of Rights Misappropriated Act of 2019”. The bill would prevent the common practice of extending drug patents through small updates and preventing generics from entering the market.

The US Food and Drug Administration is also fighting drug costs by publishing a list of drugs with expired patents in order to encourage more generic alternatives. China has also been inspired to publish its own list to combat their own drug prices.

There has been a lot of news about Adidas losing a case in the European Union for a trademark of 3 equidistant parallel lines. While a big loss for the sportswear giant, its important to note that they still hold trademarks on more well-known logos also incorporating 3 lines. 

Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber, had her trademark for “Bieber Beauty” rejected. The reason? Likely confusion with the “Bieber Beauty” brand her husband trademarked at 9 years old!

Facebook has unveiled its new cryptocurrency Libra, but is already being hit with a trademark infringement case. The brand’s logo matches that of an online bank, Current. The logos look shockingly similar, but some could say the culprit was the design firm that created logos for both companies!

China seeks to streamline its IP process by consolidating IP offices into a unified office with new policies increasing examination speeds. Further policies are defining what and how IP can be registered. If you work with China, we suggest looking further into these new changes. 

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