In this week’s IP roundup we have:

  • The New York Times suggests pharma patent fix
  • Qualcomm tries to hold back the flood
  • Huawei Mobile has a new OS trademark
  • Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen team up
  • IBM goes full Transformer
  • Intel pulls back its auction

The New York Times has something to say about patents! The newspaper’s editorial board released an article suggesting a solution to rising drug costs in the US… seizing all pharmaceutical patents and placing them under government control! Suffice it to say, the IP community is not on board with this idea.

Qualcomm, hit with an antitrust ruling earlier this year, is concerned that the damage done by the judge’s orders could be irreversible and could cause great damage to their business and the industry as a whole. They are trying to put a hold on the orders until an appeal can be heard. Earlier this month the judge rejected the request for a hold, but last week, they turned to an appeals court in a final bid to lessen the ruling’s impact.

After creating a ton of excitement about their Trademarks for HongMeng and Ark, Huawei is creating confusion with the filing of another OS trademark for Harmony. Will this be used for different devices, or are they considering changing the name?

Rumor has it that Volkswagon and Ford are teaming up to develop autonomous and electric vehicles. The two automotive giants will be investing billions together and will share intellectual property between them. 

IBM has filed a strange patent that looks like it came out of a superhero movie. The patent is for a foldable smartwatch. The smartwatch would unfold into two shapes, one being a smartphone, and the largest being a tablet. 

Last week, we reported on the massive patent auction from Intel. It seems that the company has already pulled its 8000+ patents off the auction block as they work with a private buyer. Rumor has it that the buyer may be Apple.