IP Industry Roundup: Week of April 11, 2019

Facebook Might be Getting Creepier

People are lifting their eyebrows at a new patent filed by Facebook. Facebook, never one to shy away from what some would call creepy, has filed a new patent that suggests the social network intends to use you to market to your friends. The new technology would automatically tag products and brands in users personal photos. In an example provided by Facebook, if you have a photo of yourself drinking a bottle of Grey Goose – hopefully not out of the bottle – the photo will be tagged and sent to the brand to use in a “sponsored story” that your friends will see. Additionally, with the data collected, Facebook will now assume that you and your friends are Grey Goose fans, so don’t be surprised when you start seeing advertisements for beer and 12-Step Programs.

The social network is also taking flack for their ‘Watch Party’ feature, a new feature that allows users to share streams of movies and tv shows with one another. Groups have been forming on Facebook dedicated to using the feature among a large audience, but what they are doing is essentially piracy as they are streaming copyrighted materials.

Apple Entering the Health Tech Field

Your next watch might take sniffs of you. Apple has filed a patent for a sensor that can detect and judge smell. Worried your deodorant didn’t last, or not even sure if you put some on this morning. Don’t worry, your Apple watch will be able to tell you just how bad you stink.

Of course, this isn’t just a body odor sensor, but it actually has major implications for the healthcare industry. Wearable tech, with the ability to monitor heart rates, is already a major player in the fitness world, but the new Apple sensor will also be able to read blood sugar levels from sweat. This would be useful for any fitness junky, but could make a spell out a major change in the way diabetics test their levels. If the technology is accurate, diabetics would not need to prick themselves throughout each day and can live a little more comfortably.

President Trump’s Tweet Gets Removed

President Donald J. Trump got in trouble with Twitter this week, but not for any incendiary tweets. The president tweeted a new video, most likely in preparation for the upcoming 2020 election, about standing up against his oppressors. In the video he used copyrighted music produced by Hans Zimmer for the Dark Knight movies. While President Trump may feel solidarity with Batman, a hero that is unappreciated by the people he protects, Warner Bros did not share that solidarity and pushed Twitter to have the tweet removed.

Updates on the Smartphone Patent War

Every week we see new patents in the smartphone arena. All of the major companies, and some smaller ones, are in a race to identify the next innovation in smartphones that will lead them to the top. Here are two patents from this week that we found quite interesting.

Sharp has released art of a new foldable smartphone with the focus being on mobile gaming. This new screen is designed to have two touchscreen “joysticks” on the sides and fit into the hands perfectly for mobile gaming.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has filed a patent for a pop and slide phone. This smartphone would resemble older phones that had slide out keyboards, but instead there would be a second screen that slides out. How useful this would be, when compared to foldable screens, is unknown, but it is interesting.

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