IP Industry Roundup: Week of May 16, 2019

We missed you last week as we were in the midst of getting ready for our big trip to INTA next week, but we’re back with a new roundup for this week! Outside of our roundup, the biggest news, of course, is that next week is INTA 2019 in Boston, and we’re going to be there at booth 443, so be sure to stop by and say hello to us.

US Congress Considers a Small Claims Court for Copyright Cases

Musicians and artists in the United States might soon have reason to celebrate. A new law is being presented to the US Congress that will create small claims copyright courts. The ‘Copyright Enforcement in Small-Claims Enforcement,” or CASE Act, will create a three-judge board that will hear cases from across the country. The panel will hear copyright cases for damages under $30,000.

Samsung’s New Headphones Might Beat Out the Airpods

Samsung is seeking to give the Apple Airpod a run for its money with a patent for its own Galaxy Buds. Similar to the Apple Airpod, the Galaxy Buds are high-quality rechargeable Bluetooth earbuds.

What sets them apart, and could send them to the top, is that Samsung’s new headphones, according to the patent, will have changeable yet long-lasting batteries. This feature means that people will be able to continue to use their Galaxy Buds without needing to charge them, which is great if you’re traveling far for an event like INTA.

Bacteria Detection Gets a Speed Boost

A major challenge being faced in medicine today is the over-prescribing of antibiotics which leads to the development of resistant strains of bacteria. Even at times when antibiotics are not necessary, doctors cannot afford to be patient with slow bacteria detection methods and will prescribe even with early signs of an infection.

A new device developed by researchers at Penn State University may be able to detect bacteria not in days, but in minutes. The device captures single bacteria and examines it. However, at the moment the device is only able to detect if bacteria exist, and is not yet able to determine what type of bacteria is present. The researchers are currently working to expand its capabilities to allow it to do so,

Dyson’s Electric Cars Closer to Reality

Dyson, a world leader in vacuum cleaners, surprised the world two years ago when it declared that it would be entering the electric car industry. Skeptics might have laughed at the idea, but new patents from Dyson, and an email sent from the company owner, James Dyson, shows that the company is indeed moving forward with its plans to disrupt the automotive industry and present a viable alternative to Tesla.

The vehicle is touted as a fully Dyson enterprise, from design to manufacturing, and is expected to begin rigorous testing in the upcoming months.

The Human Battery

A father-son team in Sacramento are harnessing the power of the human body to recharge batteries.

The pair, who own a company together, have designed a device that produces electricity from chest movements. The more someone moves, the more electricity the device will produce, meaning athletes would have constant power. Even small movements can charge the device, for example, the energy produced from the body while talking on a phone could be enough to cover the power expenditure from that call.

At the moment, the device is in an early stage and made from aluminum, but the inventors are planning on making a small wearable version made from plastic.

Updates and Quick Bits

  • Facebook has moved forward with its plans to begin its own cryptocurrency with the trademark “Libra”.
  • Sony has a patent that will allow people to use their phones as controllers for the upcoming PS5 and has a patent for a gyroscopic chair that could go well with virtual reality systems. Microsoft has a different idea for their controllers, with a new patent for an Xbox One controller with haptic braille outputs for blind users.
  • Vietnam has begun a process to discuss stronger IP policies.
  • Indonesia has increased fees for IP filings.
  • Apple is continuing to show its interest in health tech with a fingerprint reader that records vitals and a sleep tracker.

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