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Top Member Firms of 2018

The PCT Network is the largest and fastest growing network of IP professionals in the world for foreign filing.  We take great pride in our network and are therefore proud to announce the firms that have been nominated for their excellence and for standing out in the five areas that we see as our network’s core values.


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The criteria for nominations include these five areas that we see as our network’s core values:

Quality | Integrity | Transparency | Professionalism | Community

When The PCT Network launched in 2015, we had a vision of creating a network that would bring together the best firms in the world in order to improve the way these firms handled their foreign filings as well as create new ways for them to drive their businesses. Since 2016, the Network has grown by more than 450%, to include over 650 member firms representing over 170 regions.

All member firms that join the network are approved and certified by The PCT Network to ensure quality, professionalism, and efficiency.