Headquartered in New York City’s Financial District, The PCT Network serves as the nexus to a global network of more than 650 intellectual property firms. With members representing 170 operational regions, The PCT Network streamlines foreign patent and trademark filings and offers access to high-caliber resources worldwide.

The PCT Network is dedicated to creating a cohesive global community of IP professionals, working mutually to maintain the quality that would otherwise get lost in transit. We provide international clients with immediate, highly qualified legal assistance wherever they may be, now supported by our cutting-edge proprietary docketing software.

Through the network, each firm ultimately strengthens its standing in its own part of the world. By cooperating with one another, firms connected through the PCT Network get expert help with foreign filings, while enhancing the quality of service they provide to their own clients.

Worldwide Resources

With extensive worldwide resources for foreign filings, the PCT Network provides firms with an unparalleled level of service.

For example, translation services are not simply provided by external translators but by dedicated attorneys with an abundance of technical background and legal expertise who take accountability for their work.

450% Growth

Since 2016, The PCT Network has grown by 450%, and with more than 6,500 annual cases, we are among the largest intellectual property filing providers in the world.

To ensure our high level of quality, professionalism, and efficiency, all member attorneys are approved and certified by our professional staff.